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When you get in a car to drive to your destination, the question one often asks is not the direction to go but! Will there be a parking space when I get there.?


Since the invention of the automobile over a century ago, the number of vehicles on our roads, especially during the last forty years, has significantly increased and our social life has become much more dynamic than ever before. 

While the number of vehicles increases, the available space for parking is becoming more restricted. We have all probably experienced the frustration that makes finding a parking space, especially in cities.


The result of lack of parking spaces is a waste of time and energy to the extent of several $Billion in cost per year in Australia, but also results in increased environmental pollution.


Smart Parking
ACE Parking
Grand Parking

- About Us -


If you want to use your limited parking space, the company DN-Securepark Pty Ltd (Smart Parking Australia) offers a broad range of above and below ground automated space-saving systems. They are technically advanced and proven parking systems that will guarantee a safe and peaceful parking experience. A five-year warranty accompanies our systems on the main components and ten years structural. These systems have been manufactured since 1998 by our principle partner in South Korea Dongyang Pc, Inc. To-date, there is currently over 400 plus systems installed in Korea and much more through the growing Global distributor's providing expertise and knowledge of parking situations and solutions around the world.


DN-Securepark Pty (Smart Parking Australia) is proud to be part of that network bringing these intelligent robotic parking systems to meet the challenge of the limited parking space in our modern cities and buildings.
Smart Parking for up to 16 Vehicles, Ace Parking for up to 60 Vehicles, and Grand Parking from 10 to many thousands in a single system above or below ground.

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