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ACE Parking - Tower Parking

ACE Parking the solution for medium size deployment

ACE PARKING® Provides a multi-dimensional mechanical system that speedily and safely parks as many as 60 vehicles within a confined space. This elevator type parking offers high space efficiency parking vehicles on many parking levels using a minimum floor area. The built-in internal turntable, and high-speed elevator, and efficient lateral transfer mechanism provides a quick and efficient system for parking and retrieval of cars. The use of quality parts and our patented method of construction reduces vibration and noise all providing an enhance user experience.


With relatively low running and maintenance cost. ACE PARKING® is ideal for deployment within high density built up areas characterized by limited space, no maneuvering space, and low noise pollution tolerance. ACE PARKING® can be deployed within an RC shaft or as an independent stand-alone tower.

ACE Parking VS Multi-Storey Car Park (MSCP)

ACE Parking System

Multi-Storey Car Park (MSCP)

Small footprint actual floor area of 98sqm for only 2 Ace Parking up to 60 cars per Tower

Large composing actual floor area of 4200sqm for 120 cars (35sqm/park bays including ramps and driveway)

Simple Foundation lower cost

Large land use for MSCP

Smaller work area, faster project development

Dead spaces-ramps and driveway

Minimal lighting Required

Requires many lights

Moderately low maintenance cost

Low maintenance costs


Major Construction Required


Unused Large Dead Spaces

Typical Parking plan for small building 30 cars