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ACE Specifications

Advantage of ACE Parking

  • A tower parking solution for parking up to 60 cars in a unit
  • Small floor plan of 49.6m2 only for parking numerous cars
  • Multiple installation in series
  • Integrated or external turn table gives an easy access
  • SUV (2400kg) and full size sedan (2150kg) can be parked in the same unit
  • Ideal for residental/office buildings, rent a car company/Car Sales Outlet
  • Low noises/vibrations
  • Various safety devices

ACE Parking the solution for medium size deployment

Steel Structure

The steel structure of ACE PARKING® is made with construction grade structural steel. Dynamic factors such as wind pressure, snow load, seismic activities, dead load of the structure and the live load of the vehicles are taken into due consideration in the design - be it deployed within a RC shaft or as a standalone tower.


Lift Cage

The lift cage vertically transports the vehicles loaded on the pallets as safely and quickly as possible from the vehicle-entry floor to each containment floor. It also facilitates the entry, retrieval and rotation of the vehicles within the parking system.


Traction Unit

The traction unit, situated at the top of the steel structure, moves the lift cage up and down the system at high speed between the entry level and the various containment unit levels. It is designed to withstand the live load and various dynamic loads created during the vertical elevating movement of the lift cage.


Loading Conveyor Assembly

Once the lift cage is level with the designated containment unit level, the loading conveyor assembly facilitates the horizontal transfers - deposit or retrieval - of the pallets between the containment unit and the lift cage.



The pallet is the platform where the cars are safely carried and transported within the system. It is made of rolled steel with sufficient strength and hardness to withstand the repetitive loading of heavy vehicles.


Parking: Operation Flow
  1. Drive car onto entrance pallet exit car
  2. Door closes and turntable rotates 180
  3. Lift cage elevates pallet with car to designated slot level and transfer car
  4. Life cage retrieves another empty pallet
  5. Home to entrance and standyby for next car
  1. Lift cage deposits empty pallet then moves to level and retrieves selected car
  2. Retrieved car move to entrance
  3. Car driven out