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The advantages of smart parking

The Rotary System (Smart Parking) is not just a technological product, but rather a solution for a problem that exists in our daily lives. With its great cost efficiency and economical space requirements, it also serves as a great source of revenue, generating up to 250% in rent over the span of just 10 years.


Easy Installation

No need to spend months building multi-story buildings to increase your capacity.  After the civil ground work andcabling are done, you can start using Smart Parking in just 5-7 days.


Easy to Scale

The footprint of Smart Parking Systems occupies such a small space and is so easy to install  it can be scaled-up at any time  by adding new units  as needed, space allowing.


Powerful Software

Smart Parking is a software-powered parking solution that makes it easy for your operators or the general public to use.


Multiple Entry Points for large Sytems

The Smart Parking system gives you multiple points of entry and exit. For public parking it can  provide a high volume throughput.


Little Space Required

The Smart Parking System requires only 6.5 x 5 meters of space. You can add new units as and when needed, space allowing.  You can increase your capacity with very little disruption to existing parking.


Independent Operation

The system is designed to work at all times with no malfunctions.  In the case of power outages, the system can be worked manually to bring down cars so cars are never out of reach.


Save & Earn Money

When you want to add spaces, you have to either build major structures on your lot or buy more real estate.  We give you a third option ? add spaces on your existing lot.  That saves you money, and helps you earn more! and increase your capacity up to 800%


Long Lasting System

Because of its strong build, if operated correctly, Smart Parking units can last you 20 and more years with only minor painting needed to keep up its looks