Smart Parking

We offer you a modern day car parking solution, not simply a car park.

The Smart Parking System has overcome the problem of urban congestion and safety & security for parked cars and their owners.

Recall your experience the last time you parked your car in a car park Did you immediately find a car space?  Were you at street level?  Did you feel safe?  Was your car safe from damage? Did you save time?

If you used a Smart Parking System, you could answer "yes", to all the above.  That's why it's a smart solution to modern day parking.

Smart Parking saves space, time and money.  With it's cost efficiency and economical space requirements, it also serves as a profitable revenue source by generating up to 300% in rent over the span of just 10 years.

Multiple Entry Points (for large systems)

The Smart Parking System gives you multiple points for entry and exit. For public parking it provides a high volume throughput.