Smart Parking Mass Transport

For most Australians living in capital cities, the daily chore of driving to and from work is becoming longer in time and increasing in distance. The average duration in Hrs for traffic congestion per year is now, Brisbane(104) Sydney (156) Melbourne (132) Adelaide (99) and Perth (94)  based on live data from Tom Tom. The costs of this congestion time to the average commuter to drive each day to and from work is $6,179.80 per year and to business $10,258. In 2030 12 years from now the costs are projected to more than double based on Department of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics (BITRE) sheet 74.

One solution could be to reduce road traffic by moving the daily commuters to a mass transit rail system. The direct cost of reducing the highway network by 50,000 vehicles per day per city would have a direct cost benefit of $7,186,518 per day, 1.725 billion a year based on 48 weeks, and inject $466.2 million into the metro train systems in major capital cities per year.

Victoria is building Infrastructure by eliminating crossings and increasing train frequency yet no real push has been made to increase the number of commuters that are needed to pay for the infrastructure over time. The public will come only if and when they are confident of getting a secure safe carpark, and not have the frustration of finding one. This is a typical situation happening in all states of Australia; it is time to rethink…the culture of cars and roads.

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