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Smart Parking Systems For Buildings

Think Smart, Think Vertical

Smart Parking Building Advantages


Providing a compact robotic parking system for small or large developments


Smart Parking System

Underground Parking or onsite parking aat grade

Small footprint actual floor area of 33sqm per tower.

Parking 16 Cars or 12 SUV

On small sites, very few cars can be installed underground

Simple Foundation

Large spaces are required an actual floor area of 560sqm is required for 16 cars (35sqm/parking slot including ramps and driveway)

Smaller work area. Faster project development

Deeper and cost foundation

Quick installation 5-7 days

Entire floor must be completed before upper floors can start

No Dead Space

Dead spaces-Ramps and driveway

Minimal Lighting required

Requires many lights

Low Maintenance Cost

Low Maintenance Cost

Long Work Life plus 20 years


K-Building Seoul, Korea

Model SM8L, SM7M

Smart Parking Australia can build and design high capacity secure parking on site, saving money, and giving you extra space for more apartments, increasing asset value.

Think Smart, Think Vertical

Sangnok Building Seoul, Korea

Model: SML12

Dana Building, Rasht City IRAN

Smart Parking 96 Cars Model: 6 x SML16 on 214sqm

Commercial Parking

Economics of Rotary parking for Commercial buildings

The rotary parking concept that was born in the United States and implemented by Westinghouse is making a comeback to a Luxury housing complex built for a slender site in Hackensack, NJ.


The robotic rotary towers designed for cars and SUV, each tower with a capacity for 12 vehicles; using 14 separate towers enclosed in a single building planned to go up behind a renovated former Bank of America building.


The developers can fit 168 cars or SUVs in a third of the space of a parking garage and at a savings of $US1 million. Without this technology, the developers said they could not have met the parking requirements for the 135 apartments and businesses they need to create to make the mixed-use development profitable.


In order to address the perceived risk of equipment breakdown attached to these systems, the rotary towers have incorporated a manual override to lower the cars to the ground.


Information from Colliers International White Paper 2015, The Evolution of Car Parking.


Space required

168 vehicles at 35sqm include parking and driveways equal 5880sqm at grade


Using Towers 14 x 12 = 168 vehicles Space required 14 x 78sqm = 1092sqm (includes entrance and exit lanes)


Smart Parking saving development costs, make your project profitable


Think Smart, Think Vertical

Plus Planning

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