Case Study

Our Smart Parking partners in Czechoslovakia were invited by a large hospital in Prague, to solve and provide an increase in the parking capacity using private land within its boundaries. At the time, drivers parked their vehicles on the private roads, which caused complications not only to the visitors, but often prevented ambulances transporting patients to some pavilions, and hospital buildings.

After a study of the situation, it was decided to use one of the dead spaces, of which several were found.


The initial proposal was to use the space approximately 100m from the main entrance. This area was a grassy patch with a few trees and bushes unusable for any construction because it was too small, significantly bent and adjacent to a power transformer station for the hospital.



An area approximately 30 x 20 m would be needed for the installation of four units, Smart Parking 3 x SM12L (capacity 12 cars each) and 1 x SM8L (8cars). Several trees and shrubs would be kept and maintained in the area.



The Smart Parking units would be installed next to each other at the rear of the property, creating enough space for a one-way system for turning vehicles and greater throughput.

An environmentally friendly solution was also proposed to use cladding units, which included living plants that will grow over aluminum frames constituting a living green appearance for the units.

The planned installation after completing the preparation of the land would take approximately 28 days and would be carried out by qualified personnel from Smart Parking.
key benefits


Installing the Smart Parking solution would give the hospital 44 additional parking spaces, a cash income, significantly reduced emissions, noise, and the risk of vehicles blocking access for Ambulances.