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The Smart Parking system has been in operation since 1998  and deployed around the world with some 400 plus in Seoul South Korea they have proven their worth in Russia, Romania, Mexico, Argentina, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and many other places. Smart Parking system is now here in Australia by DN-Securepark Pty Ltd (Smart Parking Australia) there are still many questions asked by people here. So here are some answers to those questions!


How long does it take to set up Smart Parking?

After site preparation, the system can be installed and running in 3 to 5 days, including testing. (See Installation Video)

Do Smart Parking Solutions require underground pits?

No. All systems are mounted on a level concrete pad as specified; the installation is a very simple foundation and anchors.

How many cars can a unit hold?

A Smart Parking system can hold from 6 to 16 cars, depending on vehicle size.  

Can a unit accommodate full size SUV's?

Smart Parking Australia offers three models SML for Normal cars holding up to 16 vehicles, SUV for Vehicles up to 1.8 Meters and 2,400Kg, and the SUX units designed specifically for full-size SUVs up to 1.99 Meters and 2800Kg and can hold up to 12 vehicles

How much space can I save by using Smart Parking solutions?

It depends on the number, type, and configuration of installed units, but to get a general idea, a multi-tower system covering the surface of just 13 regular parking spots can take up to 96 cars or 72 SUV or72 SUX Vehicles.

How loud are the units?

Smart Parking system when in operation, generate between 60-65 dB. To put that into context, an average air conditioning unit generates about 50 dB and the average refrigerator between 30 and 40 dB.

Does Smart Parking require human operation?

Little interaction is required by the user, only when retrieving a vehicle. Other than that, the Smart Parking systems are completely automated. The units also require little maintenance, so there is no need for permanent staff

How hard is it to operate Smart Parking Solutions?

It is very easy, thanks to powerful software and because they are completely automated. Depending on the chosen solution, the system can work via RFID card, touchpad or keypad.

What if the power goes out?

The Smart Parking Systems come with a manual backup system, so a car can be retrieved from a unit even if there is no electricity. For large installations, backup generators can be integrated with the system

What if one of the unit's malfuncations in a multi-system?

The systems operate independently. The remaining parking systems will continue to work while repairing the malfunctioning unit.

How long does the warranty for a unit last?

Smart Parking Australia, has a warranty of 36 months from shipment, and a 10-year structural warranty and you can look forward to as many as 20 plus years of use.


If you have any other questions, contact Smart Parking Australia, we can not only save you money; they can make more money for you! You can park more cars in less space; you can have smaller electric bills than with general parking, and you can use the outer structure as a base for advertising.