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Grand Parking

GRAND PARKING® System is a multi-floor, Cart type parking system that quickly and safely parks as many vehicles as possible within a confined space. It can be deployed above or below ground level parking and extracting vehicles simultaneously, it enhances spatial efficiency and is the perfect solution for medium to large size parking facilities.

Each module comprises a lift, carts, and parking slots. By combining modules in a multi-level configuration, GRAND PARKING® can support a parking capacity from tens to thousands of vehicles.



The parking operation starts with the driver parking and leaving the vehicle in the entrance bay. Once the driver leaves the safety zone incorporated into the parking bay, the system automatically parks the vehicle in its allocated parking place.

GRAND PARKING® the solution for medium to large deployment parking systems above or below ground.


The main frame of the GRAND PARKING® System is made of Structural Steel; it is designed to withstand the Structural dead load as well as the live load of the vehicles.



The mechanical components of GRAND PARKING® System include; Lifts; Carts and Pallets.


The lifts move the vehicle to a parking level within the system and load the vehicle onto a cart the cart transports the pallet with the vehicle to the selected holding bay and transfer the vehicle into the bay.


Electrical Work

The Electrical works include pipe-laying, wiring, grounding, lighting of the entry floor, and installing the wiring ducts within the parking facility. If GRAND PARKING® is installed and contained within a larger building; the grounding work may be omitted unless specified otherwise.


Control Work

Control work includes installation of various sensors, the main control panel, the local control panel, the operation panel, the hardware and the software programs of the computer and the PLC.



Appurtenant Devices: Other devices include the vehicle guiding lamps, indicators, and mirrors along vehicle entry



Upon the driver leaving the entrance zone and activating the system the doors will close. The vehicle lift will elevate or lower the vehicle to the required level and transfer it to the cart and transport the vehicle to the designated pallet and transferred to holding slot.


Retrieval of the vehicle is the reverse process

Proposed Derby Road Project

The developer wishes to build a multi-story mixed business and apartment development that needs to park a minimum of 42 vehicles to meet council requirements. Smart Parking Australia proposed a multi-level Grand parking system with one lift and six carts for high-speed parking and recovery. The system is operated via a computer with an RFID visual interface providing individualize parking positions and high security.


The project deploys a Grand Parking System providing parking bays underground for the residents. The Grand Parking, GRS42SU model, with a single lift and transfer mechanisms providing vehicles to both the left and right storage bays. The carts at each level will transport and load the vehicle to a left or right storage bay. The system has a parking capacity suitable for the sedan and most SUV / MPV vehicles below 1.8 meters’ height. The entrance is via an Auto Door to the loading bay with built-in Internal Turntable.

The main components of Grand Parking are Pallets, Structural Racking System, Lift Cage, Drive units, Auto Doors and Control panels.


Project for 42 vehicles



Side Elevation

Parking a vehicle

To park a vehicle the driver simply drives forward into the system, instructions, as well as a mirror at the end of the pallet, are placed to assist the driver in parking correctly.


The driver then exits the system and taps the RFID Access Card at the control panel to register the designated pallet position for the Card, then press a button to activate the system.


The door will first close; then the internal turntable will rotate, and transport vehicle to the appropriate' level and slide it into the open Bay.


To Retrieve a car

The driver only needs to tap their RFID Access Card at the control panel, and the system will retrieve the vehicle.


The entrance door will close while the system is in operation, and the door will open when the car selected and brought to the ground position with the car facing the exit.


The Driver can then enter the vehicle and drive out. Parking and retrieval time for the system has an average duration of about 90 secs.


  • the fastest parking solution for above and below ground space.
  • separate cart on each level performs independently and simultaneously from other levels
  • the System is not suspended in the event of partial breakage.
  • capable of parking from as little as dozen ~ to thousands of cars
  • parking and retrieval of the parked vehicle are quick, safe, and reliable.
  • ideal for office, residential, commercial parking, and government facilities.
  • the operation of the system is overseen and reliably governed by computers.
  • entrance engineered safety zone, together with multiple safety equipments,
    guarantees its safe operation.
  • the system is designed to maximize the space available.
  • the cost per parking space is low.
  • maintenance costs are minimal.
  • Grand Parking is a well proven and reliable system with many references around the world.
  • conforms too European (C E) standards.
  • manufactured to ISO 9001: 2000 standards.