Illuminaire Project



The project deploys two sets of Ace Parking Towers to provide parking bays for the Residents. Ace Parking, AC36LSU model, an Elevator Parking Tower System from Korea.

The twin towers are deployed side by side and built Within a Reinforced Concrete (RC) shaft. Each tower has a parking capacity of 36 cars suitable for both sedan and most SUV / MPV below 1.9 meters’ height. It adopts ground level entry for each tower with Auto Doors and a built-in Internal Turntable.

The main components of Ace Parking are pallets, lift cage, drive units, auto doors and Control panels.

Ace Parking 

Can accommodate vehicles with the following dimension and weight.

Length--------------- 5220 mm
Height--------------- 1900 mm
Width---------------- 2100 mm
Weight--------------- 2400 kg

The headroom clearance on the lift cage at the entrance is 2.040 mm, the pallet headroom for vehicle storage purposes is 1900 mm - Suitable for most sedan, SUV, and MPV parking.
The door entrance has an open door concept with an empty pallet always in waiting. The car entrance has a generous opening of W2600 mm x H2000 mm. Height indicators are marked at the entrance showing the 1,900 mm allowable height.

How the system works

The Ace Parking system is a fully computerized elevator parking system providing control and all monitoring of the system. The lift cage vertically transports the vehicles loaded on the pallet as quickly as possible from the vehicle-entry floor to each containment floor. It also facilitates the entry, retrieval and rotation of the vehicles within the parking system.

Ace Parking comes with a touch
screen computer interface and RFID
Access cards issued to all users.

Parking a Vehicle

To park a vehicle the driver simply drives forward into the system, instructions as well as a mirror at the end of the pallet are placed to assist the driver in parking correctly.

The driver then exits the system and taps the RFID Access card at the control panel to register the designated pallet position for the vehicle, then presses a button to activate the system.

The door will first close, then the internal turn table will rotate, and transport the vehicle to the appropriate' level and transfer it horizontaly into the available slot.

Retrieving a Vehicle

There is plenty of room to park and exit. The driver only needs to tap their RFID Access card at the control panel and the system will retrieve the car.

The entrance door will close while the system is in operation, and the door will open when the car selected is brought to the ground position with the car facing the exit.

The Driver simply enters the car and drives out. Average parking and retrieval time for the Ace Parking has an average time of about 90 secs. 

Safety Features

The entrances are Completely sealed off and no persons (EXCEPT
maintenance personnel) have access to the mechanical parts of the system.

The system can only be operated by Contact Access cards
there is a viewing window at the car door to see into the car park system.

There is a computer control operational panel at the guard house that monitors the systems real-time operation.

The entrance door will close before the turntable system or unit operates rotates.

There are in-operation warning light and beeper to alert users.

Emergency stop buttons are available.

Multiple area sensors are available within the systen for added safety.

System power will be cut off in the event of a fire and the lift cage will descend to ground level in / SUV / MPV parking.